Cased Dissected Map London 1800 Whittle

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Large size cloth-backed version of a reproduction by Old Folding Maps of A New Map of London around 1800, published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle. The map shows the capital with its main streets and access roads already coloured in as on present-day mapping. Also highlighted are London’s parks and other open green spaces, as well as the boundary of the City of London. Coverage extends north to Kentish Town and Newington Green; east to Bow, Blackwell and Greenwich; south to Peckham, Camberwell and Battersea; and west to include most of Kensington Gardens.

This reproduction was taken from what used to be called a “cloth-dissected” map, made when the map itself was cut into sections and each section then individually pasted onto an overall cloth backing for the whole map. In this version the whole map is backed onto cloth in one piece but the gaps between the sections have been reproduced in the printing to preserve the style and the feeling of the original. Each individual map is presented folded in a colourful case covered with a unique design marbled paper – no two cases are identical.

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