Street Food Scotland: A Journey Of Stories And Recipes To Inspire

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What is the difference between street food and a burger van? Is it to do with atmosphere, provenance, location or price? This fascinating, original book covers the history, culture and international influence of street food, and how it came to be so popular in Scotland.

Where to find Scotland's very best street food, from the farmers' markets of Glasgow and Edinburgh to the artisan camper vans of the Highlands and Islands. (With tips on those food trucks that travel to the footfall, and aren't always where you expect to find them!)

The lifestyle, motivations and disparate backgrounds of those aficionados who have made a culinary success of their caravans, market stalls and old police boxes. Stories include failed cafes turned into thriving street food trucks, grandma's recipe for pakora first served on the streets of India and lobsters served from a shack next to the sea in which they were caught.

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Publication Date24 Oct 2019
AuthorForlan, Ailidh
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